Have you ever thought that your activity levels or eating habits are causing you problems mentally or physically? Do you feel tired, weak, pained, unproductive and unmotivated? Or do you find the gym a scary and intimidating place because you have no idea what you’re doing? Would it be nice to relieve some mental stressors through understanding how exercise and decent nutrition benefits the mind as well as the body? Or do you want to feel stronger, fitter, more confident in yourself and your abilities?

These are some of the common questions and answers somebody asks themselves before joining a gym or starting a new routine. And I can offer solutions to all of them if you complete the Strength in health & habits course.

I wanted to create this platform of learning because I felt that starting any kind of health and fitness journey can be overwhelming. Some people can figure out a way to increase their activity levels but don’t have a clue about nutrition. Others are the opposite and find eating healthier easy but don’t know what workouts to do. Others have mindset blocks and feel overwhelmed by trying to implement new routines. Others have accountability issues. Others know a little about workouts but lack knowledge and understanding to continue with any programme long enough. There are probably more variants!

I thought “wouldn’t it be amazing to have a course where everything you need to get started is in one place on an easy to follow platform?’ The idea being at the end of the course, you have gained the exercise knowledge, the nutrition knowledge and the mindset tools to continue maintaining a healthier lifestyle – thus creating and sustaining better physical and mental health. (obviously 6 weeks is just the starting block and your new habits need to be continued for them to be effective.)

And that’s how the idea was born! Very simple but something that could really help people get comfortable with the process of creating better health for themselves.

Why did you create it?

The reason why I wanted to do it is simple. I have struggled with my mental health and my family has struggled/still struggles with their mental health. I have a family history of schizophrenia, manic depressive disorder (now more commonly known as bi-polar disorder) PTSD, SAD’s, depression and anxiety. It’s very hard to watch a family members mental health deteriorate in front of your very eyes. But this has happened to me on two occasions with two of my closest family members. My sister, who now is in a constant struggle of trying to get by, not getting a great deal of support because of NHS cutbacks, not being able to work so on benefits, can’t really develop usual relationships and can’t live life how someone else her age is. The other, my Dad who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, died in a mental health facility when I was 19 and he had been in and out of hospitals for my whole childhood because of his condition.

This is ‘my why’ for choosing to be a personal trainer. This is why I got into this area of health and wellbeing. This is my reason for getting up in the morning. If I can help one person make one better choice with regards to their health and wellbeing that might have a positive impact on their own mental health, then I have done my job and I am happy. And if that can be transferred to someone else too, then that’s even better. I love when clients come back for a session and talk about how they showed their partner how to cook one of the recipes or got their daughter to join in on one of the workouts and it turned out they loved it! It makes my heart warm and it’s encouraging that what I can share with them, gets shared again and again.

Is the course focussed solely on weight loss?

Weight loss would happen if you implement all the steps and follow the additional weight loss guidance documents that are provided! But it’s not about this solely. It’s about creating habits that sustain a healthy body and mind. (Generally, weight loss happens anyway for people who implement new healthier eating patterns and exercise routines dependant on their calorie intake.) For some, getting healthy & strong isn’t about weight loss. So the course is suitable for both. This is why I have created a weight loss section separately so that If this doesn’t interest you, you can avoid it all together.

What does it include?

The course is multifaceted. There are recipes, workouts, schedules, mindset videos, habit creation PDF’s, and more that you can revisit time and time again. Even though it takes 6 weeks to get through the content, you can still pop back to something if you feel like you’ve forgotten and need a refresh.

The workouts can be done at home, or in the gym – whichever you prefer. They have resistance elements as well as cardio elements. This helps to eliminate aches and pains and create definition and ‘toned’ muscles. The cardio elements help build up your physical fitness and burn fat tissue. There are also 4-minute short burst workouts which are more focussed on the mental benefit of exercise. These quick workouts help to release endorphins and get you energised and productive. These are very effective for the busier client who claims that time is limited.

Overnight oats with apple, cinnamon, greek yoghurt and mixed seeds.

There are recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner but these are just for inspiration and guidance. There is no strict food plan because the course is about guiding you to create your own best way of eating rather than follow somebody else’s. We are all different and what works for your friend may not work for you. You can use all of the recipes or take snippets from some of them and add in your own stir-frys, stews and healthy dishes.

There are healthy snack ideas because I get a lot of questions about which snacks where the best to go with.

There is guidance on other substances like alcohol and coffee. (These are based on my own experiences.) This is just SOME of the content available.

Who is the course for?

The course can be for anyone. Someone who has tried joining gyms but then quits after a month. Someone who struggles with self-worth and confidence. Someone who wants to lose weight. Someone who wants to feel stronger in mind and body. Someone who wants to learn how to create muscle definition. Someone who wants to be able to run around with the kids easily. Someone who wants to try a more holistic approach to their struggles with anxiety or depression.

The workouts are tailored for a beginner/intermediate audience.

The course is to also make myself more available to people that may not be able to afford personal training. Even though PT is essential to some, for others it just isn’t an option financially. Someone who sits on the lower end of the pay scale will unfortunately have more life stressors than someone who is financially comfortable. If you don’t earn enough money each week to feed your kids comfortably or join a gym, then that could induce stress, anxiety and/or depression. And it’s these family’s that slip through the net and don’t seem to get any support for their health and wellbeing. For this reason, the course will be set at a price, but if that isn’t affordable then I am willing to have conversations with clients about their financial situation and what they may be able to afford for the course. This way, the people who are paying the regular price for the course, help others in need gain access to it. Good karma.

Is this course for LGBTQ+ only?

No! Anyone can do this course if they feel they would benefit from the content. I love working with the LGBTQ+ community and will always have the rainbow on my clothing to make myself known, but that doesn’t mean I would turn anyone away who I think I can help.

When will it be launching?

It has taken me quite a bit of time to put it together, so I do apologise to anyone who registered interest a while ago. I just wanted to make sure that the content is easily understood and relatable. Thank you for your patience!

The content is in its very final stages and I’m looking for people to “try out” the course at a heavily discounted price so I can gain reviews and feedback of what works and what doesn’t. This is going to be an 80% discount!! If you’re interested in this, please contact me so I can put you on the list and notify you when access is available.

If you want to ask any more questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message or schedule in a quick phone call to discuss it further.

Final words

I have gone from being depressed and unhealthy, to underweight, depressed and unhealthy. From fast food 3 times a day to a low 1000 calories a day. I have flipped from one end of the extreme to the other, desperate to know the best ways to achieve success when all I really needed to understand was acceptance of my body for what it is and all the amazing things it can do for me. It’s taken me quite a few years to find that balance. And I’m really hopeful that this course will eliminate years off of that journey for somebody else.

Send me an email now to secure your space for discounted access! George@ggc-pt.com