Kickstart Training Package

Is this you?

You aren’t happy with your results. You’ve been so busy with work or the kids, that you feel you haven’t given any time to your own body or mind. You feel you need to do something about the way you feel but have no idea where to start and your feelings of anxiety may be getting the better of you. If you have a gym membership you rarely go. You often think about cancelling your membership but something inside of you is pushing you to get the help you need.

Your problems

You’ve tried exercise before but get confused when trying to workout alone. You spend a month going to the gym but then get bored of running relentlessly on the treadmill. You wish you weren’t scared to pick up some dumbbells but you’re worried you’ll do it wrong. You lose motivation when results don’t come as fast as you’d like, then you stop going to the gym until the cycle repeats. You really want to feel better in yourself but lack direction and knowledge.

The solutions I can provide

You need 1:1 sessions to ensure you exercise regularly and to keep motivated. You need clear, simple advice to adjust your diet to one that produces weight loss effortlessly. You need most of your exercise to be with a trainer to make sure you do it & you don’t get confused. You need a solo workout to follow so you know what you’re doing when on your own.

The ideal package for you is my “Kickstart Training Package”

You will feel excited and positive from day one, knowing that someone is guiding you every step of the way. You will enjoy interesting and enjoyable workouts that leave you with a sense of achievement. The support and confidence that I provide, even out of the gym, keeps you focused and accountable. You will be motivated enough to do some workouts alone but this doesn’t phase you and you’re willing to put in the work. You will be guided by my solo workout programmes.

Typically, people choosing this programme need guidance with their lifestyle habits but are confident they can implement these changes quickly on their own. You need to invest in yourself for a minimum of 12 weeks in this programme to ensure results are seen and lifestyle habits set in.

  • X2 hour workouts per week using a combination of strength training, HIIT and cardio.
  • Your own personalised programme to follow when working out alone.
  • List of lifestyle and good food habits for keeping you on track.
  • Healthy food shopping list.
  • Progress checked every month to keep you accountable & positive when you realise what you are achieving.

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