Maintenance Training Package

Is this you?

You aren’t really happy with the way you feel. You’ve been attending the gym or working out at home occasionally but not got into any real pattern. Or you’ve been doing the same tired old routine for months and you’re bored of not seeing any results. You’ve plateaued and you’re starting to lose interest and slip into bad habits. This is making you want to pack it in all together but something is nagging at you to get some guidance so you can get back on track.

Your problems

Your body is not adapting to your workout as you’ve been repeating the same exercises over and over. You saw results from this initially but your body knows what it’s doing now. You go on a cycle of giving up and starting again but this is starting to get tedious. You used to be exercising constantly but now you’ve lost that spark and you’re finding it hard to get it back. Maybe you’ve tried every fitness class there is but they’re doing the same movements over and over again.

The solutions I can provide

You need 1:1 sessions to ensure you exercise regularly and to keep motivated. You need new ideas and exercises to keep your body guessing and not plateauing. You will be mainly working out alone however, a weekly workout with your trainer keeps you focused and motivated.

The ideal package for you is my “Maintenance Training Package”

You will enjoy a weekly workout that will leave you with a sense of achievement. The support and confidence that I provide keeps you focused and accountable.
You will be motivated enough to do most of your workouts alone but this doesn’t phase you and you’re willing to put in the work.
Typically, people choosing this programme don’t need much nutritional guidance and are confident their lifestyle habits compliment regular training. You need to invest in yourself for a minimum of 12 weeks in this programme to ensure results are seen.

  • X1 hour workout per week using a combination of strength training, HIIT and cardio.
  • Healthy food shopping list.
  • Progress checked every month to keep you accountable & positive when you realise what you are achieving.

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