Personal Training

Personal training is highly effective due to face-to-face sessions keeping you totally accountable. You are more likely to turn up to the gym and get your workout done if someone is there waiting for you!

(Did you know that having a PT means you’re 48% more likely to achieve your goals?)

How personal training gets you the results you’ve been wanting


  • Weekly face to face PT sessions at Lancing Perch gym
  • Ensures you are pushing yourself hard enough and doing workouts effective for your goals
  • Helps you learn and perfect your exercise technique correctly with minimal injury
  • Builds your confidence in attending the gym alone
  • Keeps you engaged & motivated through different workout styles & techniques
  • Receive my book with over 100 easy to make recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks and smoothies
  • Gives you time in your sessions to talk through your general wellbeing
  • Receive a solo workout program to do when you’re not training with myself
  • All you need to do is show up! The session is planned for you

Personal training gets you amazing results because being around someone who wants the best for you, motivates you to push harder. Some days you may not feel like training at all, but then after a personal training session and some time/space to talk things through, you’ll always leave feeling much better than when you arrived.