Total Body and Mindset Transformation

Is this you?

You’re fed up with the way you feel. You’re not comfortable in yourself and feel that you’ve let your habits and lifestyle get away with you.
Your anxiety and mindset is preventing you from even starting exercise because you feel it’s too overwhelming. You feel like it’s gone on too long for you to start training, however something inside is pushing you to get the help you need.

Your problems

You often feel tired and lack the energy to exercise. You may have tried to workout but felt self-conscious with going it alone in case you’re doing it wrong. You lose motivation quickly and fall back into old habits. You’re also concerned your diet is majorly contributing to the situation. This is making you feel more anxious/depressed.

The solutions I can provide

You need 1:1 sessions to ensure you exercise regularly and to keep motivated. You need a clear diet plan that produces weight loss effortlessly. You need all of your exercise to be with a trainer to make sure you do it & you don’t get confused. You need regular accountability and motivation even when not in the gym.

The ideal package for you is my “Total Body and Mindset Transformation”

You will feel excited and positive from day one, knowing that someone is guiding you every step of the way. You will enjoy frequent, interesting and enjoyable workouts that leave you with a sense of achievement. The support and confidence that I provide, even out of the gym, keeps you focused and accountable.

Typically, people choosing this programme want to completely change their lifestyle habits, mindset and body. OR they are working under deadlines e.g. Weddings & holidays and still want to see fantastic results. You need to invest in yourself for a minimum of 12 weeks in this programme to ensure results are seen and lifestyle habits set in.

  • X3 hour workouts per week using a combination of strength training, HIIT and cardio.
  • Diet analysis & nutrition guide.
  • List of lifestyle and good food habits for keeping you on track.
  • Healthy food shopping list.
  • Progress checked every month to keep you accountable & positive when you realise what you are achieving.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp contact for motivation even on non-training days

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